For many years, tiles were relegated to kitchens and bathrooms. With MUDtile, they are being welcomed in all living areas, and have become a decor component for both residential and commercial spaces. This has opened up new architectural perspectives, and that is the real definition of modernity.

MUDtile perceives the city as a playground that offers up a multitude of possibilities, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, one that is trendy and creative. Does this bring Montreal to mind? Of course it does; this is MUDtile's birthplace. Each collection reflects the artistic effervescence of the city, that little spark of madness that makes Montreal totally irresistible.

MUDtile transforms raw materials – marble, basalt, limestone – bringing them to life by reshaping the veining, the textures and the finishes to produce well-crafted and stylish stone tiles and mosaics that are unique by nature, timeless by nature, and designed by nature.



Working closely with architects and designers since 2002, MUDtile designs tiles that bring together the strength of stone and the refinement of mosaics. Pure lines, natural colors and shades, as well as geometric elements, all converge to ensure that our collections add charm to living spaces (living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens) and style to functional areas (hotels, restaurants, etc.). Our products can be found in several important institutions including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the new hospital in Dubai and the very trendy Loblaw's in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.


Three words summarize our purpose: Down to Earth. They translate our attachment to the authenticity of raw materials and our proximity to people when the time comes to create tiles that are both simple and universal.


Whether for residential or commercial use, for a contemporary or classical decor, MUDtile is a brilliant alternative to traditional tiles. Our stone tiles and mosaic collections are distributed in Canada & the USA.


QUALITY Every MUDtile collection is created with passion, know-how, and an ongoing quest for the best. Every detail matters, from design to branding to manufacturing.
INTEGRITY Our customers and partners are the source of our inspiration, our creativity and our success. We are grateful for them every step of the way.
FRIENDLINESS Enthusiasm fuels our imagination and our designs are made with love. This contagious joy, aligned with professionalism, comes through in everything we do.
PASSION MUDtile is all about passion, both for the brand and the company itself. It's a passion for creating innovative products and a passion for seeing them come to life.



Before becoming her passion, tiles were first and foremost a career for Catherine Braconnier, one that she learned in Montreal (namely at Céragrès), and then in California. Through her years of experience, she integrated all facets of the industry from sales, to marketing and finally as artistic director.

Inspired by a trip in New York City in 2002, Catherine started to design her own line of products that she named MUD, and quickly caught the attention of Italian tile manufacturer Casa Dolce Casa. MUDtile's first two tile collections were launched internationally in 2006 through Ciot and Dom Ceramiche, the first of many creative collaborations with some of the world's most renowned designers and architects.

In 2008, MUDtile gravitated towards stone – specifically mosaics – as the core material for its collections. Catherine views her designs as a modern twist on the stone age: “My goal was to restore stone's prestige, to reintegrate it into contemporary architecture and see it become part of daily life once again.” MUDtile's original watchwords of Modern Urban Design have now been joined by International, with products now regularly chosen for major projects around the world. Since 2010, MUDtile collections have been available in all major US cosmopolitan centres through Stone Source.

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